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P39 Billion (Davao) Reclamation Project to Become a Port City

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The P39 Billion Reclamation Project ($81 million USD) in Davao is set to become a port city along the lines of similar ports found in countries like the United States, China, and Europe. Chairman of Mega Harbor and Port Development Inc., described the upcoming construction of the Mega Harbour project in Davao City as helping the city rise as a “regional and economic capital of global proportions.”


On a similar note, Felino Palafox Jr., principal architect and urban planner of Palafox Associates has been quoted many times as saying that the city is only 10% developed and that 90% of the land in Davao City is still undeveloped. Because of that, it is possible that Davao City can someday be “at par with foreign cities and countries like Singapore, Dubai, and New York.”

The Port of New York and New Jersey grew. ~ Wikipedia

According to Felino Palafox Jr., the city still lacks “sidewalks, bicycle lanes [for] pedestrians, flood control, and drainage, among others.” This isn’t to say that work isn’t being done to address these concerns but more work must be done and the approval of the P39 Billion Reclamation Project proposed by Mega Harbor and Port Development Inc., and the Circumferential Road planned by DPWH combined can be the major turning point that investors have been waiting for.

As it stands, the Mega Harbour Project is still waiting to be approved by Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA), and under the guidance of President Rodrigo Duterte, the country is set to cut “red tape” and streamline the approval, construction, and completion of key infrastructure projects in the Philippines.

Once completed, Mega Harbour (Davao Reclamation Project) will cover 214 hectares and it will consist of four artificial islands to be constructed off the coast of Davao City, Philippines.

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