Acropolis Superclub in Davao City, Philippines.

Davao City Nightlife – Where to Go and What to Do?

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Davao City is quite a large city by local standards, but in spite of its size it doesn’t exactly boast of a comparable or, for that matter, a ‘spectacular’ nightlife. What it does offer which sets it apart from the bars and clubs that litter Manila and the cafes that populate much of Cebu’s landscape are excellent places to wine and dine – not that Davao lacks its fair share of bars and clubs. The Davao night scene differs strongly from that of Manila or Cebu in that it focuses more on intimate and quaint experiences, often embodied by good food and fine drinks shared with friends and family. In spite of it’s hominess, Davao City offers a stunning array of bars and restaurants that cater to night owls, with prices that range from the expensive to the downright cheap, but nevertheless wholly satisfying. Here are the top three places you should visit if you’re after a taste of Davao City’s nightlife:

Davao Nightlife EntertainmentCredit: Acropolis Superclub FB Page

1. The Acropolis Superclub – what’s a night out with friends or that special someone if you don’t try clubbing at least once? Locals and tourists alike may agree that Davao City may not be the liveliest city when it comes to club hopping, but what the city lacks in quantity it most definitely makes up for in quality. The Acropolis is indubitably among Davao City’s finest clubs. Located at C. Bangoy (formerly Ponciano Reyes St.) in the hub of the downtown area, this club boasts a very spacious dance floor, the latest in hyped and high-intensity music, great food, and (for those who love to mingle) an equally great crowd! If you’re a keen party goer, the Acropolis should be your first stop!

Beers lined up on a shelf.
Credit: BEEReaucracy Bar’s FB Page

2. BEEReaucracy Bar – with a very catchy and regal sounding name like ‘BEEReaucracy’, this place is sure to wow people with their vast (literally!) selection of beers and other alcoholic beverages. Predominantly a beer-oriented bar, BEEReaucracy located in Polo St corner-De Guzman St., Obrero at door 3 RLE Tan Building, is the first of its kind in the city to offer a dazzling array of foreign and local craft beers! While the craft beer fancy isn’t something totally new in Davao City, only in BEEReaucracy can you go gung-ho over craft beer.

Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar
Credit: Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar’s FB Page

3. Huckleberry Southern Kitchen – going out for drinks without food is a boring fare indeed, and finger food, no matter how tasty, sometimes doesn’t always cut it. If you’re looking for the perfect place to wine and dine in relative ease, with the ambiance of a quaint but elegant house that hearkens back to before the hustle and bustle of modern buildings, Huckleberry is the place to go. A bistro built on a renovated and wholly refurbished antique house, Huckleberry offers locals and tourists alike a touch of old-fashioned elegance coupled with mouth-watering cuisine and an extensive selection of choice wines that will make even the most discerning gastronome’s palate sing ‘Hallelujah!’ Located at Rizal Street corner-Bangoy Street (formerly ‘Ponciano Reyes’) it is surrounded by much of Davao’s more ‘white collar’ nightlife spots, making it an ideal place to stop and savor some hearty and luscious meals.

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